Platform - International Policy

1. We call for the creation of Novopangaea, a universal nation consisting of all races, ethnicities, and religions.

2. We support military facilities at home and abroad that train foreign military and paramilitary personnel that maintain world peace and alleviate suffering.

3. We call for the cutoff of military aid to foreign military and paramilitary forces that engage in degeneracy and cause suffering.

4. We stand opposed to Eurasia and its military acts in its current form.

5. We support Ukraine and Ukrainian militias in their fight against Russia.
We call for the Russian Federation to immediately and unconditionally withdraw support from separatist groups and withdraw its forces from Ukraine and Georgia.
We call for an end to the Russian occupation of Crimea, Ukraine.

6. We call for the East Ukrainian separatists to immediately and unconditionally surrender and extradite all perpetrators and related individuals of the MH17 shoot down to an international tribunal.

7. We call for NATO, CSTO/ОДКБ, and local governments to deploy ground forces to combat Islamic extremist groups.

8. We support the Kurdish Peshmerga in their fight against degenerate forms of Islam.

9. We call for an end to all Israeli and Palestinian hostilities in the West Bank-East Jerusalem and Gaza, as a precondition for peace.

10. We support an immediate cutoff of all U.S. military aid to Saudi Arabia.

11. We call for the gradual reduction of U.S. military abroad and the increase of local military forces.