The National Bolshevik Party strives to accelerate to the rebirth of humanity and end all suffering.

National Bolshevism is not government ownership, a welfare state, or a repressive bureaucracy. National Bolshevism is a new social and economic order in which suffering is and its causes are mitigated. We are the National Bolshevik Party. As sentient beings, we recognize the nature of the universe set forth by our “throwness” and our ability to attain peace and happiness. Being-in-the-world is not a mere anthropocentric concept, but the natural order and existence of the world.

We inherit a system that perpetuates the cycle of suffering. Our current system is inadequate at ending suffering and has dragged us into a state of apathy. The impoverished starve, despite producing more food than we consume. Degenerates who murder are only responded with empty threats and protected by apologists. Children die of preventable diseases. War criminals invade and destroy lives, only to be rewarded and revered as “heroes.” People simply watch as their society crumbles and consequently, perpetuate the cycle of suffering.

And, for this we do not stand.

Nowhere is the shift away from more prevalent today than in the movements of Ukraine, whose civilians took up arms to defend their nation. Even in your community, leaders who organize to end hunger and homelessness.

The goal of ending the cycle of suffering requires widespread understanding and activeness, and will not be achieved by apathetic elite. Dasein is the key and central position to organize and fight back against the status quo. Leaders are a major force worldwide that can lead the way to the rebirth of humanity.

We welcome those who love their nation, proud of their race, and have religious faith who trusts in the creed that we set forth who seeks accelerate towards the singularity known as “Ereignis” or The Event, the moment when all suffering ends.