Didn’t Lenin try this and it ended horribly? Why would it be different this time?


Contrary to the name, National Bolshevism is not  related to Bolshevism.

Why are there strange pictures on the internet when I search “National Bolshevism?”


The name attracts large numbers of internet trolls. We are not affiliated with these individuals nor can we control the content they post online.

I like your ideas, but the name is a bit edgy. Why don’t you change the name?

The Party is named after a movement that is different from the movement of the 1917 Revolution, though we are aware that many Westerners (Americans in particular) don’t realize this.


Aren’t you just Commie-Nazis?

The National Bolshevik Party is not a “commie-nazi” organization. We reject both communism and nazism.

Do you hate Jews?


The National Bolshevik Party is not an anti-Semitic organization. We do not hate or discriminate against any race, ethnicity, or religion.